Universal Print Driver

If you're looking for a serverless print management solution, an alternative to Google Cloud Print, or just want to print smarter & reduce costs, we're here to help.

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Secure Serverless Printing.
Cloud Native Administration.

Become a serverless printing organization, keeping print jobs local while benefiting from the convenience of cloud administration.

Detailed insights - budget and track costs, receive comprehensive print logs, and understand printer and user behavior.

Reduce support calls - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

Have greater control – apply print policies to Organizational Units (OUs), groups, individual printers or whole regions.

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Chromebook Printing - Track, Trace & Control Student Printing

Seamless Printer Deployment.
Streamlined User Experience.

Frictionless deployment of printers to users. Admins can target the availability of specific printers to users, devices or groups.

Zero-touch deployment - no new configuration is necessary for new Chromebooks or end-users.

Chrome, Chromebook, Windows & macOS support - A unified user experience across all platforms with single sign-on for macOS & Windows.

Provide advanced finishing options to end-users - delegate or force options such as staple, fold and punch.

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Discard Costly Print Servers.
Reduce Paper & Toner Use.

Save your organization money, help the environment, and improve security.

Save your organization money – provides an array of paper and toner reduction features.

Improve print security – implement Secure Print when handling sensitive data. Protect your confidential documents.

An ever-evolving feature set - as is a cloud based print management solution we're continuously releasing new features and enhancements.

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Moving your print infrastructure to the Cloud is simple, keeping prints local.

For Google

Full Chromebook and Google Workspace integration provide admins with unparalleled configuration control.

Compatibility is compatible with all leading printer manufacturers. Use your old printers.

Zero touch

Once installed, no configuration is needed for new Chromebooks or end-users.

Security standard

Local network printing ensures your prints never leave your network.

Reduce costs

Features include mono, duplex, reprint detection and smart toner reduction.